Pete Clements is Community Outreach Officer of the Terrace Foundation's Board of Directors. Visit the link to learn more about this non-profit event venue and see what the Terrace Foundation is doing for the community of Santa Barbara.  

The Terrace Foundation

Pairing amazing local wines with fresh, seasonal cuisine is just one of the private events that we host at our commercial kitchen in Santa Barbara. Join us in the evening as we collect fresh herbs from our tower gardens, create a coursed dinner using seasonal produce from local growers, and learn more about wine from industry leaders such as Doug Margerum

Wine Dinners and Cooking Classes

We can help create a dietary plan that is right for your body’s individual needs. We are experienced in creating menus for various dietary needs and have a combined database with thousands of recipes for vegans, diabetics, gluten-free, ovo-lacto vegetarians, low carbohydrate, high protein, and blood-type diets. We will work with you in your household to develop a plan that can help you train for an event, lose weight, increase energy, or augment the amount of nutrient rich foods in your diet.

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We work with private clients to develop recipes and menus for home use, with culinary professionals for catering and restaurant development, and with corporate clients on product formulation and quality. Our full-time Research and Development Chef has a degree in Food Science from Cal Poly University, SLO, as well as extensive experience in the natural food industry.  We are happy to discuss development needs for you or your company in more detail, please contact us if you'd like more information.

Recipe Development

-Luke Swetland, President & CEO, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

“The Museum uses Chef Pete for many of its events and the food and service is always top notch.  We get lots of compliments on the hospitality every time he caters for us.  Stacey and I have also had Chef Pete handle the 'tasty bites' at many of the small cocktail parties we do at our home and are always so grateful for his food, his smile, and his professionalism. You can't go wrong with Pete!”

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Career History - Chef Pete Clements

Chef Pete Clements has spent his entire life learning, honing and perfecting his trade. Starting as a teenager with French pastry apprenticeships and working under such acclaimed chefs as Jacque Pepin and Wolfgang Puck, Pete eschewed formal education for extensive experience. His local career took off in 1988 when he became Executive Sous Chef and Pastry Chef at the acclaimed San Ysidro Ranch. For nearly a decade he was Executive Chef at the much beloved Emilio’s Restaurant and Bar (now Toma) and turned a basic pasta and pizza establishment into a fine dining experience. 

Seeking to expand his experience beyond restaurants, Pete sought out a job as Executive Chef of Cottage Health Systems and within 5 years he had implemented an all fresh food program to replace a system dependent on frozen and institutional food. Pete has dedicated his life to enriching the culinary community, donating countless hours for charity services and teaching local schools to improve awareness of healthy eating habits for students.


Since 2006 Pete has been working in the private sector as Owner and Chef of Pete Clements Catering (formerly Cook Better Live Better), and has continued to enthrall the community of Santa Barbara with his epic culinary creations.